Why Outsource Your Fulfilment?

For a numbers of reasons…

Picking, packing and posting is our passion. It is what we do all day every day and what our premises have been designed for.

Our dedicated team are here to make sure your orders are fulfilled effectively and speedily with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. We work from the extraction of orders from your online stores to the updating of your inventory if required. This means the fulfilment side of your business can be as hands on or off as needed leaving you free to do what you do best, selling online from wherever you are in the world.

Our storage facility means that you don’t have to find the space or the time to service your orders. Stock can be delivered direct from the manufacturer, housed and delivered in a seamless operation.

The deals we have with Royal Mail, Parcel Force and other carriers mean we get postal discounts not available to the general public, allowing us to save you money on delivery costs. This means you have control over the method and therefore the cost of delivery, ensuring that the postage costs you pass onto your customers more than cover your actual costs.

And it’s not just individual items we deal with. The best sellers of one of our clients is a lighting set containing 13 unique items which our staff pick and pack into a single customised box ready for dispatch. We are always happy to assist in adding value to your sales in this way.
All this free time gives you the opportunity to gain more customers and expand your range in the knowledge that your existing customers are being well cared for.

All orders sent out from McGregor Dispatch will carry your paperwork in the style you request. Dedicated Royal Mail labels can contain your name and web site. Only the return address will be ours.

Contact us for more details about how we operate and how we can help your business grow.
Remember, you deliver because we deliver.

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